2019 to 2020 Age Matrix
Posted May 29, 2019

2019 to 2020 Age Matrix

2014 = U6

2013 to 2012 = U8

2011 to 2010 = U10

2009 to 2008 = U12

2007 to 2006 = U14

Players born in 2005 and still in 8th grade may participate in the U14 division. 

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    Recreational Soccer

    Purpose: Umpqua United Soccer Club's recreational soccer league is meant to provide an opportunity for youth and adult players to participate in the game of soccer (Futbol') regardless of skill or ability. The structure of the program provides an opportunity for players to play locally with or without friends within the community. It's a great opportunity to connect and meet other youth and adult participants within the area.

    Focus of the League:

    • Create and Provide a FUN opportunity to introduce new and return players to the game of soccer (Futbol').
    • Developing new skills and friendships.
    • Develop the ability to work as a team.
    • Staying active and participate in a healthy activity.

    League Structure: Teams will participate in small-sided games to support individual technical development.

    U5-U6: Play a small-sided game 4v4, no goalkeepers

    U7-U8: Play a small-sided game 4v4, no goalkeepers

    U9-U10: Play a small-sided game 7v7 with goalkeepers

    U11-U12: Play a small-sided game 9v9 with goalkeepers

    U13-U15: Play a small-sided game 9v9 with goalkeepers

    *UUSC reserves the right to change the league structure as we see fit. Changes are dependant on the number of participants registered for the season.

    Recreational Team Formation

    All players will be assigned as a first come, first served basis according to the registration completion time stamp within our registration system. If you are requesting to be with another player, they must have fulfilled all of the same requirements. Players using a payment plan will not be considered complete until the last payment of fees is paid.

    Registration will be considered complete once you have completed the registration online and fees are paid in full, to include previous seasons balances owed.

    Returning players will be placed on the same team as the previous season, unless other wise requested. Registration must be completed on time.

    No player(s) will be assigned to any team if they have an outstanding balance.

    Recreational team formation is based on the following factors:

    • Birth Year
    • School attending
    • Date of completed registration
    • Teams with openings

    *UUSC will make an effort to accommodate special requests but will NOT guarantee, which team your player(s), will play on. Placement of any player on any team is NOT guaranteed or promised by any coach, player, coordinator, director or club official.

    Coaching Placement: Coaches are not allowed to choose the players on their team. Only one head coach and one assistant coach will be allowed on each team. We will only guarantee the head coach and assistant coaches players on the team they're coaching, unless requested otherwise. Coaches cannot be placed on a team until they have registered online, completed a background check through OYSA, and completed U.S Soccer's safe team/safe sport training.

    Recreational Uniforms: Umpqua United Soccer Club will provide recreational uniforms to every team registered within the fall or spring season. UUSC staff will assign uniforms colors at random. UUSC WILL NOT take special requests of specific colors to specific teams.

    UUSC reserves the right to not allow any other uniforms, T-shirts, or other apparel will be worn at anytime. No sponsors or other brands will be worn in replacement of what has been provided. Any and all questions and or concerns must be brought to the board of directors. There are no special requests for uniform numbers.

    Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing the correct uniform size information for their players. If you have ordered the wrong size, it is the parent's responsibility to reorder and purchase the correct uniform size.

    Late registrants: UUSC does not guarantee uniforms sizes for late registrants. UUSC will order a few extra uniforms per team incase of additional players.

    2020 Spring Rec Registration
      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
      2020 Spring Rec Fees
      Posted Jun 3, 2019

      2020 Spring Rec Fees

      U6 to U8: $90

      U10 to U15: $100

      Fees include: facility rentals, OYSA membership & U.S. Youth Soccer Memberships, insurance, equipment (balls, goals, training bibs & cones), uniform (jersey and socks), league registration, referee, UUSC staff/operations and a end of the season tournament are included.

      Spring Registration Opens: 10/14/2019 

      Early Bird Discount: ($15 off) 10/14/2019 to 10/20/2019

      Regular Registration: 10/21/2019 to 03/07/2020

      Late Fees Start ($25):  03/07/2020 to 03/23/2030