Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for constructive ideas on how to improve our operation, but sometimes we just need arms and legs to get things done!

Running a soccer club is a lot of work! We have many opportunities for volunteer work, from small to large amounts of time commitment, and one-time or ongoing responsibilities. Opportunities include:

  • Coaching
  • Managing a team
  • Organizing age groups
  • Setting up team registration (beginning of season)
  • Field Layout and Design (beginning of season)
  • Checking in players as they arrive for first week of practices
  • Field Lining (weekly)
  • Working in the office to resolve player and family concerns
  • Supporting youth referees
  • Ordering and organizing t-shirts and uniforms (beginning of season)
  • Review of human resources and financial management policies and procedures
  • Review of insurance coverage and vendor contracts

I have 30 minutes. What can I do to help?

  • Help clean or organize the office
  • Organize the free cleats/balls and lost/found area
  • Stock player backrooms with toilet paper and empty trash
  • Take a walk on the fields. Pick up trash and identify anything that needs work. Are the fields lined?
  • Stay in the office and visit with people who come in. Smile at them and hear their concerns. Help to sort out what they need.
  • Visit with coaches and parents on the fields. Are they doing okay? Do they have what they need to help our players enjoy the game?

If you have expertise in an area not listed, but would like to help, just ask. Contact us at roseburgsoccerassociation@gmail.com . Thanks for your support!