Grants Awarded



Office Address:
 576 W. Stewart Park Drive

Mailing Address:  
1030 W Harvard PMB#5228
Roseburg, OR  97471

Our Office is located behind the Umpqua Valley Arts Center on Harvard Avenue. Turn on Stewart Park Drive at Fir Grove Elementary School and then turn left into Fir Grove Park.  Call the office at 672-5089 anytime and leave a message as we do not regularly staff the office.  Messages are checked and returned regularly. 

About 1995 some RSA board members had the idea of trying to get an office somewhere. One thing led to another and RSA came across the Umpqua Valley Homebuilder's Association who at that time were doing one volunteer project per year.

RSA submmitted an idea to the Homebuilder's to build an office building.  With the City's permission and the Homebuilder's approval, this idea became a reality. RSA had to go out and get all the materials of course and various members of the Homebuilder's volunteered to work on the project.

It was a major task to go out and get materials. RSA board members tapped the local business community for materials and other donations. RSA put in $15,000 themselves and also got a grant from the Douglas Community Foundation. It really was an amazing effort from a lot of people and businesses.

In the end, RSA got its office building. We use it to have board meetings, team meetings, and referee meetings as well as to conduct business such as registrations. In addition to that, there is storage in the back for various soccer equipment. Very few soccer clubs in the state have a set up like this. It really is fantastic when a community comes together in support of its youth!

Below is a list of businesses that donated materials, donated labor, gave us a grant, or helped in some way. If you helped out on this project but are not listed be sure to email us and we will get you listed.

Douglas Community Foundation

Umpqua Valley Homebuilders Association

Priestly Construction