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    Program Information

    Umpqua United Soccer Club Competitive Curriculum

    Player Development

    Training to Train: U10-U14 Age Group:

    Training sessions: 60-90 minutes long.

    Main focus: Ball mastery skills and learning principles of play. Players transition from a "Learning to train" phase into a "Training to Train" Phase.

    Tactical concepts: Principles of Attacking & Principles of Defending. These principles can be very complicated and at this stage of development the focus is creating a foundation based on these principles.

    • Principles of Attacking: Penetration, providing support, movement off the ball, width & depth, and improvisation/creativity.
    • Principles of Defending: pressure & cover, delaying, balance/team shape, compactness, control & restraint (not diving in), and counter attack.

    Session Structure:

    Stage 1: (Warm-up) Games or activities that work on different variations of ball control and team problem solving.

    Stage 2 & 3: (Main Activities) Games focus on individual and team problem solving. Players work on mastering activities learned from previous years and expanding on those activities with more complexity.

    Stage 4: Each session should end with small-sided games to goals. Each activity will be building into higher-level variations to improve technical abilities, combinational play, and problem solving.

    • Example of games: 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v2, 4v3, 6v6
    • Games can be played to end lines or with multiple goals (4 or 6 goal games).
    • Possession games with and without neutral players
    • Introducing principles of attacking & defending
      • Switching the point of attack, playing out of the back, width & depth
      • Pressure and cover, where to force the ball, not diving in.

    Each session ends with small-sided games to goals.

    Training to Compete: U14-16 Age Group

    Training to Win: U16 & above

    2019-2020 Competitive Fees

    2019 Fall/2020Spring

    U10 to U12: $225

    U13 to U19: $245

    Fees include: Coaching, equipment, league, referee, facility rental (city), OYSA & U.S Youth Soccer Memberships, players card, insurance, UUSC approved tournament, UUSC office staff and operations.